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How to Protect Yourself from 5G Radiation (With 20+ Action Steps and Tools)

How to Protect Yourself from 5G Radiation (With 20+ Action Steps and Tools)

Concerned about 5G radiation? 

5G has been a lot in the news lately, and if you're not sure what exactly it is, why it's getting so much hype or why many people worldwide are protesting against it, we suggest you start at the beginning by learning more about what EMF radiation is and why EMF exposure can be SO dangerous.

When it comes to 5G specifically, in one of our earlier posts, we discussed the dangers of 5G radiation and how to figure out if there are 5G towers near you.

We covered in-depth what 5G radiation is, the technology behind it and why it is potentially so much more dangerous and concerning than the current 4G cellular coverage we have today. 

In this post, we want to continue the discussion on 5G, and share 20+ action steps, tools, and tips on how to protect yourself from 5G radiation and other EMFs.

Table of Contents

5G Radiation Danger is Closer Than You Think

Before we even begin, let's just start by saying that looking at the way things are going now, if you live in a major city, a full-fledged 5G roll-out is closer than you think.

Countries all over the world have started to roll-out 5G, and nothing is stopping it from becoming the mainstream cellular network in denser areas.

Therefore, it is increasingly important to learn how you can protect yourself and your loved ones from constant 5G radiation that you are most likely going to be bombarded with, soon, and for years to come.

So how do you deal with a seemingly inevitable problem?

Well, first it's important to acknowledge that there is a problem.

What Global Experts Are Saying About 5G Radiation

As of April 2020, 253 EMF scientists from 44 nations have signed an Appeal to the United Nations, calling for stricter limits to 5G RF exposure, stating that the rolling out of new and emerging digital technologies are "a clear violation of human rights."

"Wireless communication technologies are rapidly becoming an integral part of every economic sector. But there is a rapidly growing body of scientific evidence of harm to people, plants, animals, and microbes caused by exposure to these technologies.

It is our opinion that adverse health consequences of chronic and involuntary exposure of people to non-ionizing electromagnetic field sources are being ignored by national and international health organizations despite our repeated inquiries as well as inquiries made by many other concerned scientists, medical doctors and advocates."

Now, the question to ask is, if there is so much research to show that 5G technology demands more testing, why are governments all over the world not prioritizing and safeguarding our best interests?

Understanding Lobbying and Why You Need 5G Protection Now

For any organization that wants to push an idea or technology to market, they need to "lobby" for laws that favor their innovations. This could also mean doing away with laws, not in their favor.

Massive industries like Big Pharma, energy, manufacturing, as well as wireless technologies, and many other industries spend billions to ensure their motives are protected, and laws are made in their favor — to generate profit and serve their shareholders and board members.

Here's how most tech innovation gets rolled out:

Technology is most often built in secrecy, with limited testing. When a new idea is discovered, a patent is filed and lobbyists are hired to influence lawmakers to push the idea forward — irrespective of the potential dangers of the technology. Through hidden payoffs, pay packages, mutual profit-making agendas, and unimaginable incentives, laws are rushed, with the mass public having little or no say in the matter. 

So, although you might think that the government should keep the public's best interests in mind, in reality, that rarely happens, and unregulated 5G infrastructure is a primary example of this.

And, this is exactly why you need to learn how to protect yourself and your family from the looming threat of 5G radiation. Because as long as human greed and laws glorify industries and corporations, and not the public, or the environment, the health of the planet and all living beings on it is always going to be at risk.

Next, we'll discuss how to protect yourself from 5G radiation, with actionable tips you can implement right away.

How to Protect Yourself From 5G Radiation

Ready to learn how to protect yourself from 5G radiation?

Before we start, it's important to note that 5G radiation protection is somewhat different than the current 4G EMFs that we are exposed to. The technology itself and how it works is different, and the roll-out in neighborhoods and cities at large is going to be very different than the 4G we know today.

As 5G protection demands a different and perhaps more holistic approach, we'll need to cover all our bases.  Below, we'll discuss these protection strategies in detail, so nothing is missed out.

Distance is Your Friend

The first thing you need to know when protecting yourself from 5G radiation is that the greater the distance between the source of the EMF and you, the lower your exposure.

This is true for any EMFs, from power lines, cell towers, mobile phones, wireless devices, and 5G technology.

Electromagnetic fields are made up of both electric and magnetic fields and are produced when a current flows through wires or any electrical device. Due to this, EMFs are found near any electrical source, whether it is a plugged-in household appliance such as a hairdryer or a much larger power line.

As per the Inverse Square Law of Physics, when the distance from a radiation source is doubled, the exposure level to the radiation is reduced to a quarter. Similarly, if the distance is tripled, the exposure is reduced to a ninth, and so on.

So, the further you move away from the source of an EMF (further away from the magnetic and electric fields), your exposure exponentially decreases.

So, for example, when it comes to protecting from EMFs from power lines, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), states that the strength of an EMF "is proportional to the amount of electrical current passing through the power line and decreases as you move farther away."

The same inverse square law applies to 5G technology. The closer you are to a 5G tower, the more you are exposed to dangerous levels of radiation, than if you lived further away from 5G infrastructure.

But this principle goes beyond living near or being in the proximity of a 5G tower alone.

Consider 1G/2G/3G/4G Radiation

With 5G being so predominant in the news, most people are only concerned about how to protect from 5G radiation. Although protecting from 5G is important, it's far more important to mitigate radiation from the EMF sources you're currently exposed to

It's also important to remember that while 5G continues to roll-out, 1G/2G/3G/4G radiation will still continue to exist. 

Most mobile carriers are not equipped to build the small cell infrastructure that 5G demands, so currently 5G runs on low-band and mid-band RF connectionsrelying upon 4G towers and networks.

So, as the first step to protecting from 5G, you still need to protect from this type of radiation.

You can start by maintaining distance and protect yourself from devices and other types of EMF in your home. This includes not placing your phone against your head, using anti-radiation earphones, or using a laptop on your desk rather than your lap.

Read we share many more tips and action steps below.

Action Steps to Protect Yourself From 5G Radiation

As 5G continues to be deployed more rapidly, avoiding it is NOT going to be easy. It's not just our phones that are going to be connected, but literally, any other device that is "5G-enabled" — and these are already making their way into the market.

And, now that you understand that creating distance between the source of radiation and yourself can minimize exposure, the first thing you can start to do is to distance yourself from wireless devices and gadgets that pick up radiation frequencies which can be from 5G, 4G, other Gs, WiFi or Bluetooth.

Store your phone away from your body

Research has shown that cell phones may be harmful and can even cause cancer when kept for long periods against a part of the body. It's best not to carry your phone in your pockets, bra, etc. and carry wireless devices in a purse, bag or backpack.

If you must put it in your pocket, put it on airplane mode or protect yourself from 99% of EMF radiation with Faraday Fabric.

Don't sleep with your phone by your head

You might have the habit of having your phone on you 24/7, and even browse the net before you hit the sack. This makes cell phones the worse culprits when it comes to EMF exposure. Make sure to never put your phone under your pillow, or your nightstand. If you use your phone alarm, switch to a battery-operated clock. It's best to put your phone on Airplane mode before heading to bed. As 5G continues to roll-out, the best thing we can do is to maintain distance between our phones and our bodies.

Don't place your phone near your head during calls

The danger of cell phone radiation is an entire topic in itself, and we've covered it here, but the point we're trying to make is that the last thing you want is your brain to be bombarded by dangerous radiation every time you're on a call.

Consider using the phone on speakerphone mode, or getting a pair of anti-radiation air-tube earphones that are specially designed to block up to 99% of EMFs going to your brain.

Use Airplane mode as MUCH as you can

When you turn on that handy icon on your phone that looks like an airplane, your phone stops connecting to a cell phone tower or your Wifi. It's best to also turn off Bluetooth and Location services as these may still be emitting. Any device in your home that you are NOT constantly using should be on Airplane mode at all times, so it is not constantly emitting EMFs, even when not in use.

Move the Wifi router away from where you spend your time

If you spend most of your time in your home office, that's not where you should place your router! Similarly, by no means should you place your Wifi router in your bedroom. As 5G rises into common use, many homes will be using it as their default way to connect to the Internet. Maintaining distance from your router, and turning it off at nighttime are some of the best ways to protect from 5G radiation.

There are many more points we can discuss here, but since that will take over this entire page, you can read our other detailed post with more tips on how to protect yourself from EMF dangers.

The main takeaway here is — if you can limit the use or distance yourself from a source of EMF radiation, do it. This will considerably reduce your exposure.

How to Protect Your Home From 5G Radiation

Apart from protecting yourself, it's also important to protect your home as a whole. If you live in a larger city, 5G roll-out is closer than you think, and 5G  infrastructure might already be present in your area, without you even realizing this.

This is because 5G towers are different than the 3G/4G cell towers you are used to seeing.

4G requires one cell tower that transmits to a wider coverage area. 5G, on the other hand, uses a network of many small multiple towers.

Before we cover how to protect your home from 5G radiation, let's take a step back and understand how 5G technology works. This is important, so we know what we're up against.

5G Radiation Frequency and Speed

While 3G uses a frequency band of 1.8-2.5 GHz delivering a data rate of up to 2Mbps, 4G functions on bands of 2-8GHz delivering data rates up to 20 Mbps or more.

In other words, higher frequency = faster speeds.

But 5G is an entirely different beast. To achieve speeds that are potentially 100x faster than 4G, 5G uses the Extremely High-Frequency (EHF) band that works in the 30 GHz to 300 GHz range.

And, that is why there are 5G radiation concerns, as these are dangerously high-frequency levels offering unheard-of speeds.

Why are such high speeds needed?

Because of, the Internet of Things (IoT).

The Internet of Things (IoT), allows multiple devices and even appliances to communicate with each other, and with people all over the Internet. This demands super-fast speeds, paving the way for smarter homes, and smarter cities.

5G Small Cell Sites

The RF frequency spectrum that 5G needs to use to deliver these speeds does NOT work well over larger distances, nor can it penetrate easily through objects like buildings, trees, mountains, or even moisture.

This means that instead of larger cell towers, smaller "cell sites" are needed in a closer proximity to cover a large area, without compromising signal quality or seeing drops.

In other words, 5G towers will be everywhere. Outside your home, on a traffic light, a lamppost, a bus shelter, and it's going to be much harder to avoid 5G radiation.

Just so you can understand the volumes we mean, 5G "small-cell antennas," need to be spaced at approximately every 500 feet, and an Accenture study estimates that compared to the 320,000 4G antennas we have currently, "5G will require 769,000 small-cell antennas, an increase of 449,000 new antennas."

So yes, 5G will be everywhere, BUT there are some things you can do to limit your exposure.

Action Steps to Protect Your Home from 5G Radiation

Don't Upgrade to Smart Appliances

A lot of people already have "smart" appliances in their homes. A 2018 report suggests that "the Internet of Things (IoT) could drive smart appliance revenues to over $342 billion worldwide," between 2017 and 2027.

But...think about it — do you really need:

  • A 5G-enabled smart refrigerator?
  • A Wifi-connected toaster to micromanage how well your bread is toasted?
  • A smart dishwasher you can start with your phone, rather than simply walking into the kitchen and pressing a button?

All smart devices have wireless antennas that are constantly pulsing UHF (Ultra High Frequency) microwave radiation.

Using more "smart" appliances and devices means exposing yourself and your loved ones to increased EMF radiation which is known to cause sleep disturbances, difficulty concentrating, increased heart rate, stunted fetus development, harm fertility, and more.

With 5G unfolding and IoT becoming a widespread reality, upgrading to these luxuries, rather than necessities, is a choice you'll have to make for your family.

Switch to Wired Internet

There's already news of 5G-enabled routers going to be released into the market soon, which means that 5G frequencies will be circulating in most homes connected to the internet sooner than you think. Firmware upgrades for your current modem and Wifi router to support 5G speeds may also become a quick reality.

The best thing you can do to future-proof your home from 5G radiation is to hard-wire your internet connection.

And in fact, switching to a wired internet connection now will mean a lot fewer EMFs floating around in your home as Wifi is one of the main culprits of in-house "electro-pollution," or electrosmog, potentially causing long-term harm to the health and well-being of everyone in the home.

We think this topic is so important that we've done an entire post on it detailing all the steps here: Is WiFi Safe? Why Switch to a Wired Internet Connection (With Step by Step Instructions)

But in a nutshell, the idea is to use a shielded Ethernet cable that connects your router and modem to your computer. This enables you to have a fast and reliable low-EMF connection and helps eliminate microwave radiation emitted from your Wifi router.

Protect Yourself from Smart Meters

Most building complexes, commercial spaces, and homes across America now use "smart meters," electronic devices that automate the tracking and billing of utilities such as electricity, water, and gas.

Smart meters have replaced traditional analog meters, and although this might seem like an upgrade, there have been countless accounts of people feeling negative effects after a smart meter was installed in or around their home.

This may be because smart meters emit the same kind of wireless (RF) microwave frequencies as mobile phones, microwaves, and Wi-Fi devices, and potentially pose a serious threat. Health experts have expressed their concerns over smart meters because their "pulses can average 9,600 times a day, and up to 190,000 signals a day." In comparison, mobile phones "only pulse when they are on."

So, now you might be thinking if smart meters transmit wirelessly....will they be connected to 5G in the future?

Based on the information we found, the answer unfortunately is...yes they will.

Technology is already in the market for advanced metering infrastructure or (AMI). As per this article:

"While smart metering currently features cross-network connection capability for 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE, the coming impact of 5G for IoT solutions in enabling new applications across AMI and smart utility functionality will be felt across the globe. Building an AMI framework now for 5G capabilities will revolutionize the way the world connects us to the world around us."

It goes on to say that, "5G will support over 1,000 more devices per meter than 4G. 5G’s network slicing, compared to the present-day LTE, will allow smart energy use cases to be handled by a single network. "

Another article titled, The Importance of 5G for Utilities, states that 5G will "deliver new levels of performance and efficiency that will support a broad set of industries including utilities."

It goes on to say that, "to reap the upcoming benefits of 5G without waiting for coverage to expand, utilities could utilize multimode systems that support all major cellular technologies simultaneously, from 2G to 5G – so devices would connect initially with 3G or 4G and then use 5G as network coverage becomes available."

With 5G network coverage and IoT becoming more widespread, there's no doubt that smart meters will be 5G-enabled in the future.

So, what can we do to protect ourselves?

  • Depending on where you live, you may be able to call your utility provider and pay them a fee to replace the smart meter with a standard analog one — however, this might not be an option everywhere.
  • You can use a smart meter shield or cover, designed to reduce RF frequencies while still allowing your utility company to receive a wireless signal. We found that the Smart Meter Cover RF Radiation Shield has over a hundred positive reviews and is tested to shield "your entire home by blocking ~98% of Smart Meter EMF, RF radiation."

If you have a smart meter installed right outside your home or bedroom, investing in a smart meter shield is a smart way to prevent EMF radiation from beaming into your home.

Use EMF Shielding Paint

Another really good way to protect your home is to use EMF shielding paint. EMF shielding paint is a special type of water-based paint that is conductive and blocks out almost 99% of RF and low-frequency electric fields.

This special paint is a dark black color and needs to be applied just like regular paint. It's best to apply it both on the inner and outer walls of the house, including on the roof. You also need to make sure to include the ceilings, and especially the doors, and window frames, where EMF readings are generally much higher.

Two layers of shielding paint are usually required to get the best protection. Once the EMF shielding paint has dried, you can use any standard paint of your choice to paint on top of it.

EMF shielding paint can help to block "external" 5G radiation coming into the house from 5G small cell towers, so it's an excellent strategy to use to mitigate EMFs.

If you find that cost is an issue, consider painting the areas of your home that you spend the most time in, such as your bedroom, to ensure deep restorative sleep, and create an environment with zero RF frequencies, similar to what our ancestors had.

5G Satellite Radiation Protection

One important point to take into account, as to why you need to shield your home, is that 5G is also coming at us from satellites above.

For example, GalaxySpace, a China-based communications satellite provider, already has a "low earth orbit (LEO) satellite" launched into space.

Elon Musk's company SpaceX has been approved to launch "nearly 12,000 Starlink internet satellites (and recently applied to loft up to 30,000 more)." As of last year, SpaceX already has 60 satellites in space "which operate at a low-Earth-orbit altitude of about 342 miles."

Other providers such as Amazon, Facebook, and OneWeb are also planning their own 5G satellite networks.

This means that shielding your house with anti-EMF paint (especially the roof) will become more important than ever so that you can minimize 5G satellite frequencies from penetrating into your house.

Use Radiation Shielding Fabrics

Can you see a 4G cell tower or a 5G small cell tower with your naked eye from a window or a balcony in your home? 

Well, then you are being exposed to far more EMFs, which is why just using EMF shielding paint may not be enough, and you'll need to add extra protection using radiation shielding fabrics.

Watch this video to see the difference that BOTH shielding paint and fabric can make in protecting from 5G radiation. Here's a snapshot from the video that shows before and after readings using only paint, and paint and fabric. 

You can purchase Anti-Radiation EMF RF Shielding Fabrics that are washable, breathable, and sewable to create shielding curtains for your home. Make sure to purchase the washable type, as NOT all fabrics available are washable. 

We recommend this 100% Silver Fiber EMF Protection Material that you can use to make drapes, curtains, bedding, garments, and even tents and canopies.

Alternatively, you can make a Faraday cage with our own Atmosure Faraday Fabric to block EMF. You can use this to make cases for your phone, tablet, or laptop, or to protect against any kind of device which is emitting wireless.

Also, if shielded paint is not an option (especially if you are renting) you can use Faraday fabric like this Military Grade Fabric that blocks RF Signals (WiFi, Cell, Bluetooth, 5G networks, etc.) and you can line it against the walls as shown in the image below:

This fabric is a good option as it can be cut, sewn, and taped like regular fabric to create any type of DIY RF signal shielding enclosure. 

Get an EMF Protection Bed Canopy

An EMF Protection bed canopy can help to keep EMF out of your bed and provides a layer of added protection while you sleep.

This is critical as research has shown that exposure to "magnetic fields at night resulted in less total sleep time, reduced sleep efficiency," and participants also reported broken sleep patterns "and feeling less rested in the morning." With most people spending anywhere from 5-10 hours sleeping, EMF protection while you sleep is a must.

You can create your own EMF bed canopy using a breathable and washable Anti-Radiation EMF RF Shielding Fabric or you can buy an EMF Protection Bed Canopy, that is already ready to use.  

It works especially well to block electrosmog, and strong Wi-Fi signals coming in from your neighbors. 

Remember, that apart from just 5G radiation, you also want to protect from all of the different radiation still present in your home. So, even as 5G is rolled out, you still need to protect from1G/2G/3G/4G radiation that currently exists in your home.

Mitigate Dirty Electricity in the Home

Most homes have what is called "dirty electricity," or electromagnetic interference (EMI).

EMI is caused by temporary spikes in voltage, and can really shoot up the amount of EMF present in your home. It can be caused by shoddy wiring, devices such as computers, adapters, chargers, routers, and even energy-efficient (CFL) lighting.

If left unchecked, it can become a major source of damaging EMF in your home. So, as you think about protecting your home from 5G, you need to take care of this first.

Watch this helpful video below to understand what dirty electricity is, why it's harmful, and how to measure it:


To detect dirty electricity or EMI in your home you can use a Line Noise EMI meter to ascertain the problematic areas and install special filters to reduce dirty electricity.

5G Radiation Protection Tools and Gear

Apart from following the action steps we covered above, you also need to have some 5G radiation protection tools and gear in your arsenal, in your fight to constantly protect and shield against 5G radiation. 

Get an EMF Meter — You Need It!

One of the best investments you can make is to purchase an EMF meter. A top quality EMF meter will not only help you ascertain the amount of radiation in your home, but also your surroundings and your neighborhood at large.

You may not know which areas of your home or which appliances give out the highest electric and magnetic field readings, but an EMF meter removes the guesswork, and helps you locate areas in your home where you might need to make changes.

For example, if you have a smart meter outside your bedroom, you'll be able to measure exactly how much EMF it's beaming, and how much EMF the smart meter shield you purchased is blocking using the EMF meter.

Or you may discover that your current Wi-Fi router has a lot of spikes in readings, and you may perhaps decide to switch to a low-EMF Wi-Fi router.

Whatever the case an EMF meter will always keep you on your toes, and will also come in very handy when 5G starts rolling out.

So, which EMF meter should you buy, and can it measure 5G?

Well, current EMF/RF meters available in the market only measure RFs below the 8GHz range. As we covered above, 5G frequencies are much higher.

As 5G towers continue to be rolled out, with many operating at much higher frequencies, it is important to keep an eye out for meters that may be released into the market that can measure higher frequencies. 

However, as we mentioned above, most mobile carriers aren't equipped (just yet) to install 5G small cell towers on every street corner. Therefore, current 5G implementations run on low-band and mid-band connections, which can be measured!

We recommend using the Acoustimeter AM-10 RF Meter Model, which can measure RF frequencies from 200 Mhz to 8 GHz, which covers most of the current live 5G roll-outs across the nation.

See it in action below:

We love this meter as it is super-easy to use, and works really well in measuring RF radiation. This is important to know as other cheaper EMF meters measure just electric and magnetic frequencies, however, when it comes to measuring microwave radiation and 5G, you want to make sure you purchase an EMF meter that measures radiofrequency or RF radiation.

Start Using Anti-EMF Earphones

Another EMF Protection device you need to start using now, are air-tube earphones. While standard earphones are 100% wire, air tube earphones are created with an "air tube" component designed from hollow, bendable air tubing.

Since there is are no loudspeakers in the earpieces, and the speakers are moved away from the head, and all RF frequencies are blocked at the hollow air tube, EMF radiation simply does not reach the ears or get to the brain.

So, an air tube headset not only increases the distance between you and your cell phone but provides up to 99.9% of EMF protection due to the unique air tube design. Remember distance is your friend when trying to protect from EMF and 5G radiation, so using air tube earphones will help reduce your exposure.

Atmosure's Anti-Radiation Air Tube Earphones feature:

  • crystal-clear stereo sound
  • shielded wiring
  • no loudspeakers in the earbuds
  • one-touch call control
  • 100% money-back guarantee!

Invest in Energy Shifting Tools

There are tools available that are backed by science to naturally reduce the radiation in your environment, and create a sacred space for healing to take place. 

Two of these tools that we have personal experience and highly recommend include the Qi Shield and Tachyon Sun Spots.

Qi Shield

The Qi-Shield is a protective energy device that generates its own power, creating a torus field (a field filled with negative ions). These negatively charged particles combat free radicals and neutralize the positive charges created by radiation, so they can no longer adversely affect you.

Requiring no power source, the Qi-Shield can be used at your home or on the go and provides the ultimate protection from 2G-5G RF frequencies, WiFi, and other EMF. It even energizes water and improves the air quality in your home.

Tachyon Sun Spots

Tachyons are particles (smaller than atoms) that travel faster than light. They are said to have "no-frequency" and work directly on your body, mind, emotions, and energy field to repair and balance energies provide healing, pain-relief, and protection from electromagnetic (EMF) radiation.

Tachyon Sun Spots are professional hand-polished zero-point energy crystal tools that come in a set of 4. Placing them strategically in your home creates an intersecting energy field that generates a "neo field", which is a sweet spot, sacred space, or "clear energy environment," that counteracts the effects of EMFs and "5G milli-waves that disrupt and destabilize biological systems."

You can view how they work in the image below:

To learn more about Tachyon energy and these powerful zero energy crystal tools, watch the video here

Wear EMF Protection Clothing

With 5G internet being commonplace in households soon, you might want to think twice before carrying your smartphone in your pocket or working on your laptop on your lap.

And not just that...with 5G being rolled out heavily, especially in larger metros and cities, where you're going to have at least one 5G small cell tower per block, it's essential to start thinking about EMF protective clothing, and how you're going to protect yourself when you're outdoors

For example, wearing a shielded head covering is great for protecting your head and brain from harmful EMF/RF frequencies.

This particular EMF Protection Shielding Cap claims to protect from 3G, 4G, and 5G frequencies and is made from a rugged, cotton outer layer, soft cotton inner, and high capacity RF shielding internal layer.

You can also try other EMF protective clothing items such as an EMF Protection Hood Hat to shield your head, ears, neck, and thyroid, or a full chest and head covering with this RF Shielding Anti-Radiation Hoodie.

It's also very important to protect your sensitive organs from EMF radiation.

There have been countless studies that show that EMFs damage sperm and harm fertility, and we've written an entire blog post on it here: How EMF Radiation Affects Male Fertility (with 10 EMF Protection Tips)

More Action Steps to Protect Yourself from 5G Radiation

Consider Where You Live

This is a tough decision to make, but one you should consider if you're really serious about wanting to get some REAL and immediate protection from 5G or even 4G cell towers.

The cost to install 5G infrastructure is going to be massive, which is why it will continue to roll-out in major cities first and then move to rural areas. If you live in a small city or the countryside, you may be lucky to escape 5G radiation for a lot longer, compared to if you live in a large, clustered city.

Also, many people today simply don't want to be bombarded with added radiation, so you don't particularly need to be sensitive to EMFs, or have electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) to consider moving away from these towers.

There are already many people living the EMF-free life, and we've covered this in a blog post where you can Discover 40+ EMF and WiFi Free Zones Across America and Around the World.

Relocating is never easy or perhaps even realistic for most of us. However, moving to a rural location where there are simply fewer towers will be an immediate way to curb exposure and something you could realistically consider.

Take Up Remote Work

An office environment is a brewing hub for EMF exposure. You've got everything from shared WiFi, artificial CFL lighting, electronic equipment, an overload of devices such as computers, laptops, tablets and cell phones, not to mention electrosmog coming in from nearby offices, and dirty electricity.

All of this continued EMF exposure can really take a toll on your health when you consider that the average majority of the corporate world spends close to 40 hours a week in the office.

If you're really serious about protecting from EMF, including 5G, you may consider remote work. By working remotely you will be better able to control the EMF environment in your home (which you can rarely do at an office). 

For example, instead of using WiFi you may shift to hard-wiring your internet, and you could replace CFL bulbs with incandescent lighting, or just work in an area with natural light. 

But, more importantly, the main advantage of working remotely is that since you're not commuting to an office location every day, you don't need to be restricted to a location close to your office, and you can instead choose to work in a more rural area to distance yourself from the towers.

Detox from Heavy Metals and Mold

There is a definite connection between electromagnetic radiation and heavy metals and toxins such as mold. So, apart from external EMF influences you also need to look at what may be going on internally to significantly reduce the impact of harmful EMFs on your body.

Brian Clement, a naturopathic doctor who has treated over 4000 people with EHS, states that "if your cells contain metal, they will attract and enhance electrical frequencies like a lightning rod, which makes them more likely to develop EHS symptoms. In short, the more your body contains heavy metals, the more you’ll have health problems with EMFs."

He mentions several modalities for detoxification including, taking:

  • natural supplements that do not contain synthetic chemicals
  • consuming raw and sprouted foods
  • infrared sauna sessions
  • minerals such as manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, and calcium
  • chlorella tablets to detox from heavy metals

Apart from heavy metals, there are other toxins that you also need to consider.

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, founder of the Klinghardt Academy (USA), discovered a connection between electromagnetic radiation and mold as explained in this eye-opening video. His research shows that EMF makes mold spores grow at 600 times their normal rate, and makes mold more reactive and aggressive. This can cause a lot of health problems including Lyme disease.

Also, it might be a good idea to refrain from wearing any metals on the body as well. For example, metals like steel, aluminum, titanium & nickel can potentially become antennas for RF radiation, and with the increasing deployment of 5G, minimizing any kind of metals on the body is best for better protection.

So, in order to make your body less susceptible to attract 5G radiation frequencies, it is highly recommended that you follow the above tips and start to detox from heavy metals and toxins like mold immediately.

Eat Healthy and Take Supplements

In addition to detoxing, and using tools such as the Q-Shield and Tachyon Sun Spots, eating an antioxidant-rich diet, preferably organic diet can help strengthen your natural defenses and immunity and protect against EMF exposure and the oxidative stress that goes with it.

In his research, Dr. Martin Pall, of the Washington State University, emphasizes that "non-ionizing, low-intensity EMFs act primarily via activation of voltage-gate calcium channels (VGCCs)" leading to chronic inflammatory diseases.

In order to reduce this effect, supplementing with key vitamins and minerals can be very helpful. Zinc has shown to minimize the effects of electric and magnetic radiation in animal studies, and minerals like magnesium, calcium, and potassium are essential to regulate metabolic processes on the cellular level. 

Magnesium is a natural calcium channel blocker, and it is highly recommended to eat foods rich in magnesium such as leafy greens, pumpkin seeds, almonds, cashews, and legumes. You can also supplement with 200-400 mg magnesium glycinate, which is free of soy, gluten, & GMOs.

Vitamin C has also shown to help mitigate the oxidative stress-inducing effects of electromagnetic radiation such as WiFi, so make sure to eat plenty of citrus fruits, broccoli, and leafy greens, and also consume a therapeutic supplement such as black currant seed oil which has 4X the Vitamin C of oranges!

Potassium-rich substances such as fulvic acid which is naturally found in soil, peat, and shilajit have shown to stabilize and neutralize radioactive elements, and can also be very helpful to combat the harmful effects of EMFs on the body.

Pay Attention to Body, Mind and Soul Healing

By practicing holistic mind, body, and soul wellness and staying healthy mentally, physically, and spiritually, you essentially make yourself less sensitive to EMF frequencies.

Every person has an aura, which is also known as the body's electromagnetic field, or the energy shield around us which protects us from negative frequencies. Someone with a weak aura will be more susceptible to attract EMF frequencies, compared to someone with a strong aura.

So it is important to live a holistic lifestyle, and be healthy in all of these three areas (mind, body, and soul), to stay protected from EMF and 5G.

You can strengthen your aura by practicing mindfulness, breathing, and meditation techniques, prayer, spending time in nature, maintaining a positive attitude, and staying away from electromagnetic fields.

Practice Earthing and Tech-Time Outs

Spend a few hours in nature every week, or take an EMF-free vacation to a place where there is no Wi-Fi and abstain from using all technology.

EMFs affect everything from your immunity to your stress levels, so walking barefoot, connecting with the earth, and going device-free, can help to balance your energy and electromagnetic system, helping to cleanse negative energies and nourish the mind and body.

Stay Educated and Updated

Keep abreast of any 5G roll-out plans that your city council has in mind for you, and continue to stay educated in the global deployment of 5G and also in the global fight against 5G radiation.

Discover if there are 5G towers near you already, and don't support 5G technology by upgrading to 5G enabled phones, appliances, and devices.

Key Takeaways

  • 5G is a different frequency than the 4G LTE we have right now. Research has shown that high-frequency 5G radiation can be very harmful to all living beings
  • A relatively untested technology, protecting yourself from 5G radiation has become more important than ever with massive 5G roll-outs worldwide
  • As 5G rolls out, it's important to remember that 1G/2G/3G/4G radiation will still continue to exist
  • Distance is your friend when it comes to protecting from EMFs, so the further you move away from the source of an EMF, such as a 5G small cell tower, your exposure exponentially decreases
  • Cell phones and WiFi are the worse culprits when it comes to EMF exposure, so put your phone on Airplane mode, and turn off the Wifi when not in use
  • Protect your home from 5G radiation by not upgrading to smart appliances, switching to wired internet, and using shielding paint and Faraday fabrics.
  • You should also invest in a high-quality RF-EMF meter, start using energy tools to neutralize EMFs, and wear EMF protection clothing
  • Also, make sure to stay educated on 5G deployments worldwide and roll-outs in your neighborhood and city, or move to a rural area for immediate protection
  • Lastly, practice regular tech-timeouts, get out in nature, eat healthily, detox from heavy metals, and get your daily dose of antioxidants and supplements
Disclaimer: The content contained in these topics is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Always seek the advice of your doctor or other qualified healthcare providers before beginning any new treatment or discontinuing an existing treatment. The information contained in these topics is provided for educational purposes only, and you assume full responsibility for how you choose to use this information. It is not intended to be used for medical diagnosis or treatment.

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