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Anti-Radiation Air Tube Headphones

Anti-Radiation Air Tube Headphones

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  • Cuts Harmful Radiation by 99%: Worried about EMF? These EMF-free headphones offer air tube construction, which creates a safer distance between your phone & your head.
  • Extra Anti-EMF Features: Your EMF headphones have no magnets in the earbud, which reduces the EMF near your head and brain. The dual sonic concentrator and shielded wire also filter radiation.
  • Exceptional Sound: No need to sacrifice audio quality with these radiation-free headphones — they're engineered to produce full, crystal-clear stereo sound. Great for calls and listening to music.
  • One-Touch Call Control: Like more expensive, brand-name versions, your EMF-free earbuds feature a built-in microphone for optimal sound input and a single button for answering and ending calls.
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee: Our RF-safe air tube headsets are backed by a 365-day satisfaction guarantee and exceptional customer service. Make this purchase with complete confidence.

Trying To Reduce Your EMF Exposure? These Anti-Radiation Earphones Are Specially Designed To Shield Your Head From Harmful Radiation Without Sacrificing Sound Quality

Researchers believe long-term exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) from cell phones and wireless headphones may be harmful to our health. EMF radiation is thought to cause headaches, anxiety, fatigue, and even cancer. Are you at risk?

Protect your — and your family's — health with Anti-Radiation Air Tube Earphones from EMFProtector. They've been engineered to shield the wearer from dangerous EMFs while providing the comfort, durability, and sound quality of traditional earbuds.

How do our earbuds protect you from EMF radiation?

  • The last part before the earbuds is made of air tube — not wire. This creates more distance between your phone and your head during calls. Less wire near your head also reduces the amount of radiation exposure to your brain.
  • The air tube stops the microwave signal from reaching your inner ear by converting the microwave signal to an acoustic waveform, thus reducing RF to your brain by 99.9%. This may prevent any thermal effects (heating of tissue) that may be harmful to the user of the phone.
  • The earbuds contain no magnets that can increase electromagnetic fields.
  • They have a built-in sonic concentrator to filter radiation.
  • The wire is fully shielded to prevent transmission of electromagnetic waves. There is no speaker in the earplug, to prevent damage to the eardrum/brain.

With expertise in EMF shielding and audio engineering, we've designed earphones with the look, feel, and functionality of popular brands.

The difference? You can use these with peace of mind knowing you're protected against damaging radiation.

Includes 3 replacement earbud caps in comfortable sizes plus a storage/carry case. 

*Compatible with most 3.5mm audio devices, like iPhone, Samsung, or other Android or Windows cell phones, smartphones, tablets, PCs, & MP3 players.

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