Hi there, my name is Yuli and I am the creator of the EMF Protector. 👋

If you're reading these lines, I believe you're curious about how I got into EMF protection from the first place.

Let me share my personal story so you can understand why I'm so passionate it and has ambarked on a mission to creating the best EMF protection solutions on the market.

I have always been a health enthusiast. I could spend hours reading and researching.

Since it is my passion, I always tried to ensure that I was living the best life possible for my physical and mental health.

However, unfortunately, sometimes the biggest threats to the body are ones that surprise you.

Not so long ago, my wife started to become electro sensitive. She was suffering a lot from many different physical problems due to overexposure to EMF.

This came as quite a shock to us. I could not just stand by and watch as she suffered. Instead, I decided to take action, dedicated my time to researching methods to reduce her suffering and get my family back to full health again.

It took some trial and error experiments but finally, I started to see my wife’s health improve.

What surprised me about my experiments was that my own energy levels and enthusiasm stared to increase too.

When I started to protect myself against EMF I could feel myself change.

Apparently, many times when I was tired and worn out and was not feeling the best = were actually related to EMF exposure regular strains of life.

I really couldn’t believe the positive effect it was having on me.

My wife was back to herself again and I had a new drive.

I turned my attention to the production of the EMF Protector that had helped my family life so much.

I realized through very intensive research and trial and error that EMF is effecting everyone in the world today and nobody knows about it.

I did not want any further unnecessary suffering for people.

EMF Protector is the smart choice when it comes to protecting your health in a technology-filled world.

Protect your health, reclaim your energy and feel the difference.

Thank you for dropping by, if you ever have any questions just let us know - we would love to help!

All the best, Yuli