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Top 35 Tips to Protect Against EMF Dangers That You Must Know

Top 35 Tips to Protect Against EMF Dangers That You Must Know

Are EMF dangers real?

Digital devices, smart meters, cell phone towers, appliances...are all known to generate EMFs or electromagnetic fields that are linked to chronic diseases and are classified as carcinogenic— but is EMF exposure really something you need to worry about?

EMFs have been on this planet since the dawn of time in the form of natural light from the sun and the earth's very own magnetic field. With the advent of electricity, man-made EMFs entered the picture and now almost a century later the amount of EMFs we are surrounded by has completely blown out of proportion.

Think about a child, you may remember simpler times when all you had growing up (or saw at your grandparents' home) was a clock-radio, alarm clock (perhaps even a wind-up one), a TV, corded phone, stove, fridge, toaster, and blender.

Now think of your own home're more than likely to own a cable box, game console, multiple TVs and cell phones, Bluetooth headset, computer, wireless keyboard, wireless mouse, printer, scanner, cordless phone, Wi-Fi router, tablet, tablet charger, phone charger, laptop, digital alarm clock, multiple remote controls, electric toothbrush, hairdryer, electric razor, digital scale, curling iron, home theatre system, surround sound, wireless security system, smart home automation, CFL lights, iron, stove, refrigerator, microwave, electric can opener, toaster oven, vacuum cleaner, washing machine, coffeemaker, dishwasher, food processor, water purifier, electric grill, baby monitor...and the list goes on.

So, what's happening? Well, to put it simply, we're being bombarded day in and day out, 24/7 by EMFs — radiating energy fields all around us, without us even realizing.

From waking up in the morning, to taking a shower, to taking the subway to the office, to working on your computer, to relaxing in front of your Smart TV and then finally heading to bed, you are constantly exposed to the dangers of EMFs in a small or big way.

For most people, EMFs don't seem to pose any real danger, and many might actually not even be aware of the adverse health effects of electromagnetic radiation. However, for some EMF sensitivity is very real, and they are very much affected by what others cannot see or feel.

In this post we'll cover damaging EMF exposure, why you should be concerned about EMFs, and share 35 valuable tips to protect against EMF dangers:

Table of Contents

Types of Damaging Artificial EMFs

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are "electric" and "magnetic" fields that occur wherever there is electricity or any electronic device.

Any plugged-in appliance generates an electric field. The higher the voltage, the more powerful the field. Magnetic fields are created only when the electric current is flowing, or the plugged-in appliance is switched on.

There are primarily four types of damaging EMFs:

Electric fields

AC electric fields (60Hz) from all types of house wiring and plugged in appliances. Ungrounded cords that have 2 prongs instead of three are especially bad. Voltage fluctuations make it difficult to accurately measure electric fields.

Magnetic fields

AC magnetic fields (60Hz) generated from house wiring, power lines, transformers, motors, grounding path currents and more.

RF (radio) frequencies

Non-ionizing frequencies (the type that can't break through molecular bonds), generated from cell phones, appliances, Wi-Fi, smart meters, Bluetooth and other digital and wireless devices.

Dirty Electricity

Apart from the above you also have what is called, "dirty electricity," or electromagnetic interference (EMI) that is caused by temporary spikes in voltage. If you have shoddy wiring, poorly designed appliances, energy-efficient (CFL) lighting and more, EMI can literally radiate through your entire home. To detect EMI in your home you can use a Line Noise EMI meter to see where the problem is coming from and install special filters to reduce dirty electricity.

Are You Sensitive to EMFs?

As per the World Health Organization (WHO), electromagnetic fields can affect the human body as the human body has its own electromagnetic field and biochemical response systems. Artificial EMFs can alter the body's natural frequencies and can affect sleep, induce stress, cause skin eruptions and even lead to chronic illnesses.

Some people are especially sensitive to EMFs, and have a condition called Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS), which is defined by the World Health Organization as "a phenomenon where individuals experience adverse health effects while using or being in the vicinity of devices emanating electric, magnetic or electromagnetic fields (EMFs)".

If you have EMF sensitivity you may experience symptoms such as:

  • Skin irritations — burning, rashes, facial tingling
  • Eye symptoms — burning sensations
  • Body pain — aches, muscular pain, lack of physical energy
  • Nervous system disturbances — stress, sleep irregularities, fatigue, lightheadedness, headaches, fogginess, depression

Should You be Concerned about EMF Dangers?

To put it simply, wherever there is electricity, there is EMF. So, whether you're using an appliance or digital device at home, or using a photocopier at the office under fluorescent lighting, driving in your "smart" car, or even live in the vicinity of a cell phone tower or power line you'll be exposed to EMFs.

Studies are proving that even though "non-ionizing" EMF exposure from cell phones and technology cannot break through molecular bonds, it can still have serious harmful effects.

Since we are exposed to this type of EMF almost all the time, even at that low-dose it can affect our bodies like a slow poison. So, therefore, it's not surprising that the WHO has classified radiation emitted from Smartphones to possibly be "carcinogenic to humans."

In fact, there is considerable research linking EMF exposure with behavioral issues, hyperactivity, anxiety, depression, sleep disturbances, insomnia, irritability, vertigo, weakened immunity, infertility, autism, DNA dysfunction, cancer and more.

But, does that mean you need to let go of all your modern-day amenities, and completely go off the grid?

No, it doesn't. However, if you really want to maintain the best health for you and your family, there are some simple lifestyle changes and proactive steps you can take to reduce EMF exposure and protect your loved ones from EMF dangers.

Tips for EMF Dangers Around Your Home

Steer clear of high-voltage power lines

When looking for a house, make sure you also survey the area around the home. Don't rent or buy a home next to high-voltage power lines, as they could create a powerful magnetic field in and around your home.

The World Health Organization (WHO) classifies "extremely low frequency magnetic fields," the same type of EMF generated by power lines as "possibly carcinogenic to humans."

Many studies have shown that living in the proximity of a high voltage power line can increase cancer risk and also cause other health issues. The closer you are the worse the damage as seen in the image below:

Source: SafeSpace

Especially if have or are planning to have children, who are a lot more sensitive, you should be extra cautious. Low-frequency EMF has been linked to childhood leukemia with one study out of the UK showing that "living near high-voltage power lines raises children's risk of leukemia by 69%."

Look out for cell phone towers

Today we are exposed to approximately 100 million times the amount of RF radiation that our grandparents are exposed to. This is partly due to the radiation from cell phone towers and antennas that emit microwave radiation.

These high-frequency radio waves ((800-1800 MHz),  can travel as much as 45 miles on straight terrain.

The closer you are to a cell phone tower, the more dangerous it is as you'll see in this eye-opening video below:


The first thing you should do is scout your area for any cell phone towers or mobile phone masts in close proximity. You may even be surprised to see that your current apartment complex may even have towers mounted on top of it.

A good idea would be to first purchase a high-frequency EMF meter to measure the EMF intensity in and around your home. This is especially important if you can see a tower clearly right out of your bedroom window.

Once you ascertain that you do have EMF radiating into your home, you may consider certain shielding solutions such as shielding paint or possibly even changing residence if the readings are too intense.

Think twice about installing a smart meter

Smart meters are commonplace in thousands of communities across many states nationwide. But are they really a "smart" choice?

A smart meter is basically an electronic device that automates the tracking of how much electricity, water, and gas, a property is using for efficient billing purposes. Although this may seem like a smart move, smart meters have been under the radar for quite a few years now as they emit the same kind of (RF) microwave frequencies as mobile phones and Wi-Fi devices.

An open letter written by several health experts voicing their concerns about smart meters to the Chair of the North Carolina Utilities Commission states:

"Smart meter pulses can average 9,600 times a day, and up to 190,000 signals a day. Cell phones only pulse when they are on."

Although research shows that the EMFs emitted from smart meters may be relatively low frequency, there have been countless accounts of people feeling negative effects after a smart meter was installed in or around their home.

Especially, if you live in an apartment complex where all the smart meters are localized in one location, and your flat is just a few feet away, all of this collective EMF can spell trouble. Also, if a smart meter is installed on the wall opposite from the room you sleep in, there's a good chance that a lot of EMF is leeching into your bedroom.

For those sensitive to EMF, symptoms include anxiety, fatigue, tinnitus, sleep disruptions, dizziness and more.

There's not much that can be done to reduce exposure but some places do allow you to opt-out, but this isn't an option in all places. In certain areas you may be able to call your power company and pay them a fee to replace the smart meter with a standard analog one, however, this might also not be an option everywhere.

Tips for EMF Dangers in Your Home

A “smart” home might not be a smart idea

As we said earlier, the more electrical devices you have in your home, coupled with the number of devices connected to your Wi-Fi or mobile network the more EMF you and your family are going to be exposed to.

Going old school with your appliance choices is better than upgrading to the latest "smart" television, fridge or washing machine. All smart devices have wireless antennas that are constantly pulsing UHF (Ultra High Frequency) microwave radiation.

This type of low-frequency electromagnetic radiation is linked to sleep disturbances, difficulty concentrating, increased heart rate, stunted fetus development, and infertility.

So, although it might be tempting to control your lights from your Smartphone and switching on your air conditioner even before you get home, these supposed conveniences come with health risks that are simply not smart for long-term extended use.

Use protective shielding paint

Want to protect yourself from a cell phone tower or the electrosmog (surrounding electromagnetic waves) of your neighbors? EMF shielding paint can help.

RF frequencies are everywhere, especially if you live in the city. There are cell phone masts almost everywhere you turn, and not to mention the strong Wi-Fi signals coming in from your neighbors.

EMF shielding paint is a special type of water-based anti-shielding paint that is conductive and blocks out almost 99% of electromagnetic radiation (RF and low-frequency electric fields) from entering your home.

A deep black color, it can be applied like regular paint on the inside and outside walls of the house, including the ceilings, and especially the doors, and window frames, where EMF readings are generally pretty high.

Two layers of shielding paint are usually required to get the best protection. Once dried, you can use any regular paint color of your choice on top of it.

Use an EMF bed canopy

If shielding your entire apartment or home with EMF paint or EMF shielding fabrics is not feasible, a simple yet effective solution is to use an EMF bed canopy.

A high-quality canopy is a good solution for many, as firstly it is not permanent, so you can take it with you if you need to move. Secondly, it provides protection in the bedroom, where you spend most of your time.

The canopy works like a "Faraday Cage," invented in the 1800s by Michael Faraday to block electrical charges. Although the technology was built to protect electrical equipment from electromagnetic interference, the shielding mechanism is just as effective for protecting people from the effects of EMF radiation.

An EMF canopy is essentially a large Faraday Cage and utilizes a super-fine metallic wire mesh that repels RF radiation, similar to how an over-hanging mosquito net keeps the mosquitoes out.

The same technology is also used in Smartphone cases, built on the same principle, that completely blocks out EMF but may also block out wireless communication and cell-phone reception. 

If you want to block out 99% of RF, EMI, & RFID radiation, Faraday Fabric is highly recommended.

Read more in our blog post here: Unrivaled Guide: What is Faraday Fabric or RF Blocking Material & How to Use it for EMF Protection

Turn off Wi-Fi or use a hard-wired router

Most of us can't imagine life without Wi-Fi.

Everything is connected to it — your laptop, home office computer, printer, cell phone, tablet, and Smart TV, and perhaps even some of your other "smart" home appliances.

But did you know that Wi-Fi is actually the chief contributor to in-house electrosmog and "electro-pollution"?

This is because Wi-Fi devices emit RF microwave radiation — yes, this is the same radiation that creates a 'thermal effect' to heat up your food in a microwave oven.

Wireless routers contain transmitters that use the same microwave radiation to transmit data through the air surrounding us to any Wi-Fi enabled device.

We can't see these invisible energies, but they can have a similar type of heating effect on our bodies and our cells. In the long-term, this prolonged 24/7 exposure can have serious ramifications on our health.

Multiple studies have shown that exposure to Wi-Fi causes "oxidative stress, sperm/testicular damage, neuropsychiatric effects including EEG changes, apoptosis, cellular DNA damage, endocrine changes, and calcium overload."

There are several things you can do to protect you and your family against Wi-Fi radiation:

Hard-wire your internet

Use a shielded Ethernet cable that connects your router and modem to your computer. This will enable you to have a fast reliable low-EMF connection as you eliminate Wi-Fi microwave radiation. If your laptop does not have an Ethernet port, a simple USB Ethernet adapter will enable you to connect to the net with a wired connection.

Turn off Wi-Fi

Disable the Wi-Fi on all of your devices, and only turn it on when you actually need to use the device. For example, if your tablet is lying on your desk all day and you only use it in the evening, there's no reason to keep the Wi-Fi enabled on it all day and be exposed to all that added radiation.

Limit wireless devices

Substitute your wireless mouse, keyboard, printer and scanner with plugged in USB alternatives (imagine the difference this will make if you're sitting in your home office surrounded by these devices for 8-10 hours a day).

Prevent nighttime exposure

If you can't turn the Wi-Fi off during the day, at least turn it off at night as EMF radiation can affect sleep quality and your body's ability to generate healthy cells.

Replace CFL light bulbs

Now you may be thinking that you switched all of your incandescent light bulbs to CFL (compact fluorescent lights) due to their energy-efficient properties right?

Well, that's how CFLs are marketed but what a lot of people don't know is that fluorescent lighting is actually a "toxin" you don't want in your home for the below reasons:

  • They emit high levels of EMFs in 4-6ft of the area from where they function
  • They exhibit high UV radiation — A study led by the Canadian government concluded that CFL bulbs result in more UV radiation when used at a 1-foot distance.
  • They contain poisonous levels of mercury (a child exposed to a broken CFL bulb will receive 8000 times the recommended amount of mercury vapor)
  • They create high-frequency transients that lead to "dirty electricity" all around the home and can damage down to the cellular level. See dirty electricity comparisons between incandescent and CFL lighting below:

If you really need to use CFL light bulbs, stick with the ones marketed as double-encapsulated, so they won't leech mercury if dropped.

Also, there's no better light than sunlight — so, use as much natural light as you possibly can during the day and limit artificial light use.

Tips for EMF Dangers with Home Appliances

Ditch your cordless phone for a landline

A cordless phone or a DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Technology) phone, basically has a base and one or more handsets, allowing you to move around the house as you talk.

Although this may seem incredibly convenient, research coming out of Sweden has shown that radiation from cordless phones is a "probable human carcinogen."

One reason for this is that the base of a cordless phone along with all of its handsets, emit damaging pulsing microwave radiation 24 hours a day 7 days a week, even if they are not in use.

In fact, studies have shown that the amount of EMF emitted by a cordless phone is similar to that of a mobile phone.

Other research conducted on patients with malignant brain tumors documented that the risk of cancer multiplied for those who used a cordless phone and increased even more when both a cordless phone and a mobile phone were used.

The best way to reduce EMF exposure from cordless phones is to not use them at all and switch to a basic corded phone.

If you absolutely can't do without your cordless phone, unplug it from the wall when not in use (especially at night time) and use speakerphone when talking. It's also a good idea to have at least one corded phone in the house so you have a phone to use when the cordless is disconnected.

Don't buy a digital baby monitor

Mostly all baby monitors available in the market today are wireless and digital and use DECT, the same technology used in cordless phones that is known to be a high emitting source of RF radiation.  

So, unknowingly, by placing a baby monitor in your baby's room, you are literally bombarding constantly pulsing harmful microwave radiation all-around your sleeping infant.

Here's an informative video explaining the damaging effects of wireless baby monitors:

If you absolutely can't do without a baby monitor, opt for a wired version that won't emit microwave radiation.

Dry your hair naturally

Can't do without your handy hairdryer?

You're probably not aware, but did you know that your blow dryer can emit anywhere close to 40 - 20,000 milligauss in EMFs? To understand this in context, your microwave emits roughly 100-500 milligauss of EMFs at the same distance! 

Hairdryers actually pull a lot of power to function and what makes it worse is that the motor/heater part of the dryer is pretty close to your head as you're drying your hair. 

Although a low heat/fan setting may help, it's way better to just towel-dry your hair (and your hair will thank you too). 

If you feel you can't do without your blow dryer, at least try to limit use. So, for example, if you use your hairdryer 5 days a week, try to cut it down to 2 days. There are also low-EMF hairdryers available online that you can research and buy.

Throw out your old TV or computer monitor

You probably don't use one of these anymore, but if you still have an old box TV or cathode-ray tube (CRT) monitor, you should switch to a flat-screen LCD monitor that emits a lot less EMF radiation.

Older computer monitors can emit EMF radiation in a wide range of measurable frequencies as shown in this video below:

Avoid using the microwave

Microwave radiation is exactly what "microwaves" emit and are actually one of the biggest EMF emitters in your home. Although there are governed standards controlling the amount of EMF a microwave can emit, that doesn't mean using one is still not a health concern. 

Microwave units are sealed to block the leeching of EMF but as the machine ages, the seals can disintegrate, leeching high amounts of EMF into the surroundings. So, if you've got a microwave lying around for a decade, you may want to consider throwing it out.

Just 10-hertz frequencies can pose health risks, but the frequency in a microwave is close to 2.45 billion hertz! Standing just 3 feet away, you are exposed to approximately 25 mG of EMF. This can have dangerous repercussions over an extended period of time.

Microwave radiation is known to induce cataract formation, weakened immunity, anxiety and depression, birth defects and even cancer.

Also, experts believe that since microwaving food violently and rapidly breaks chemical bonds and changes the molecular structure of food, food cooked this way can actually lose its nutritional value. This is yet another reason to stick to your stove.

So, although it's best to not use the microwave at all —  if you can't give it up completely follow the safety precautions below:

  • Keep 5-10 feet distance when the microwave is on
  • Don't overcook food. After the water in the food has evaporated severe molecular damage can occur rapidly
  • Plan ahead —  don't defrost or buy microwave meals
  • Avoid all plastics, still to glass vessels to heat food

Tips for Personal Protection from EMF Dangers

Don’t use your laptop on your lap

Sure, it's called a laptop, but it should be nowhere close to your lap. Whether or not your laptop is connected to a power adapter or not it still radiates damaging EMFs.

The bottom of a laptop can emit radiation as high as a whopping 100 milliGauss (compare this with power lines that emit in the range of 10-70 milliGauss and are still linked to childhood leukemia).

In fact, one study that documented the harmful effects of laptop-induced currents on pregnant women and the fetus in the womb suggested that laptop computers or LTCs should actually be "renamed to not induce customers towards an improper use."

With infertility rates rising, placing a laptop on your lap, in close proximity to your reproductive organs while working, is highly risky. The FCC recommends maintaining a distance of at least 20 cm between you and your laptop. Also, the older your laptop, the more EMFs it can generate.

Invest in faraday fabric from Atmosure to help protect from laptop radiation as well as radiation from 5G, 4G, WiFi, Bluetooth and more!

Practice "earthing" and grounding

Harnessing the elemental energy of the earth is not only deeply balancing and grounding but can also potentially protect against EMF.

"Earthing" basically involves walking (barefoot) on the earth or on the grass to draw in the earth's energy and recharge your energy field.

A mounting body of research has shown the incredibly promising health benefits of earthing and grounding in improving sleep, reducing inflammation, promoting healing, normalizing cortisol (stress hormone) production, and boosting energy.

When it comes to EMFs, pioneering research suggests that earthing keeps you at the same voltage as the earth and helps to stabilize all the bio-electrical circuits of your body. Just like all electrical systems need to be "grounded," for stabilization, so does the human body.

You can practice grounding by strolling in the woods, walking barefoot in the grass or performing any activity that makes skin-touch contact with the earth for at least 15-30 minutes. A grounding mat may also be helpful to achieve similar effects.

Eat an antioxidant-rich diet

Can what you eat really protect against EMF?

Radiation and other pollutants are said to destroy essential vitamins, fatty acids, and nutrients in the body, so the argument is that supplementing with antioxidants and eating a fresh, natural, preferably organic diet, can help strengthen your natural defenses and protect against EMF exposure and the oxidative stress that goes with it.

A 2016 animal study on rats being exposed to 2.45 GHz of Wi-Fi Routers and supplemented with Vitamin C concluded:

"WiFi exposure may exert alternations on the metabolic parameters and hepatic enzymes activities through stress oxidative and increasing of free radicals, but the use of vitamin C protects them from changing induced. Also taking optimum dose of vitamin C is essential for radioprotective effect and maintaining optimum health."

Building your antioxidant capacity is especially important during times when you are exposed to higher EMFs such as sitting on the computer all day at work, having an X-ray or CT scan, or taking a flight. 

Make sure to maintain a diet that comprises of high fiber foods, fruits and vegetables, whole grains, foods rich in calcium, fermented milk products, vitamin A and C, essential fatty acids and more.

It's also important to eat foods rich in melatonin (the sleep hormone) such as meat and fish, bananas, grapes, cherries, oats, barley, corn, broccoli, and nuts. Exposure to blue light from devices can suppress melatonin and studies have shown that melatonin can "exhibit a protective effect," against EMF.

Get a salt lamp

Salt lamps are actually carved from salt, Himalayan Pink Salt to be exact, and there have been claims made that the salt in the lamps actually acts as an antibacterial, improves immunity and removes airborne pollutants.

Makers and sellers of the lamps state that the lamps produce negative ions, and although there isn't much research to show measurable results, if the lamp does have a high amount of trace minerals it could potentially emit negative ions that have a lot of possible health benefits including purifying the air, easing asthma and allergies, boosting mood and sleep and even protecting against EMF.

So, why are negative ions important? Well, electromagnetic radiation from your phone, laptop, Wi-Fi, TV and more releases "positive" ions.

Salt lamps may be helpful in combating these harmful ions by producing negative ions to "ionize" the atmosphere and neutralize EMF.

Tips for EMF Dangers as You Sleep

Zap-proof your bedroom

Your bedroom is your sanctuary for rest, sleep and intimacy. If you find yourself skimming through your inbox in the middle of the night, you need to make changes.

So, why is this de-cluttering important?

Since the best healing happens as you sleep, the last thing you want is to be engulfed with EMF radiation emitted from devices in your bedroom such as a TV, one or more cell phones, a cordless phone, electric blanket, tablets, laptops, game console, LED lighting, chargers, baby monitor, digital alarm clock, digital photo frame, and more.

Harvard's department of Sleep Medicine also warns that working from the bed can negatively affect sleep patterns and that blue-light emitting devices such as your laptop and phone can decrease melatonin production, making it even harder to fall and stay asleep.

If you can't make your bedroom technology-free, some people even prefer to turn off all electric power to their bedroom before sleeping, to protect from EMFs as they sleep (learn how to do that here).

Reposition your bed

If it's not possible to cut power to your bedroom at nighttime (perhaps if your smoke detector is connected to the circuit), you at least need to make sure that your bed is positioned in a way such that there is no power outlet right next to your head.

All plugged in devices emit both an electrical and magnetic field when plugged in (even if the device is not in use), so you don't want any AC magnetic fields emanating for 6-8 hours all night long.

If you have a large room, try to move your bed away from the walls as all the electric circuitry is wired in the walls. The idea is to keep yourself at least 2-3 feet away from the fields.

Also, if your bed is positioned on a wall opposite to an electric meter, circuit breaker or a major device like a washing machine or refrigerator, it would be prudent to move your bed.

Replace your digital clock radio

A plugged-in digital clock radio usually contains a cheap transformer (a device that converts high voltages to low voltages). So, if your alarm clock is plugged into a 120-volt circuit and requires only 9 volts to work, the rest is radiated out as heat and energy

Now imagine all of this EMF being radiated right next to your head all night long, night after night.

Also, since most clock radios have 2-wire mains instead of a grounded 3-wire cable, it causes them to emit much higher EMF amounts which may cause serious long-term health effects. Also, the actual blue-light transmitted from the display can disturb sleep.

Thinking of using a cell-phone alarm? That's even worse, especially if you're charging it by your bed and it's connected with Wi-Fi.

All you need to do is replace your clock radio with a simple battery-operated alarm clock that has no clock radio built-in. You can safely place this beside your nightstand and it will emit no EMF or RF, giving you the sleep you deserve.

Tips for EMF Dangers and Smartphones

Use your smartphone wisely

According to the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIH), the "strength of a magnetic field decreases dramatically with increasing distance from the source." So the further you are from your cell phone, the better it is for you.

Here a few points to keep in mind while using your cell phone:

Limit usage

If you spend hours browsing video after video on YouTube or posting on Instagram you have to remember that you are constantly connected to Wi-Fi or to a cell phone tower. The less you use your phone the better.

Don't carry your phone on you

Don't tuck your mobile phone in your pocket or bra. Studies have shown that "long–term semen exposure in the area of mobile phone RF–EMR leads to a significant decrease in the number of sperm," and that  men should "avoid holding a mobile phone in a trouser pocket for long periods of time."

Put it on Airplane mode

If you do need to carry your phone on you make sure it is in airplane mode. In fact, it is ideal to keep your phone on airplane mode when you're sleeping at night, and most of the day, and only reconnect to the web occasionally during the day to catch up with any messages. This is also sure to boost your productivity!

Switch ears while talking

If you're accustomed to using your phone on just one side of the head, you should know that prolonged exposure on one side has been associated with a higher risk of brain tumors. So if you must use your phone against your head, consciously remember to switch sides ever so often.

Use speakerphone

To limit your exposure, increase your distance from your phone (the source of EMF) by using speakerphone for long calls and meetings. This is a lot better than even using a Bluetooth ear-piece, which also uses RF signals to send and receive data.

Turn off antennas

A lot of people constantly have their phone enabled for Wi-Fi, cellular data and Bluetooth when they don't really need all services on at the same time. So, for example, when at home, you may just need to be connected to Wi-Fi and can turn off your mobile data. This will stop the phone from constantly trying to connect to a cell phone tower.

Wait for a good signal

Did you know that poor mobile phone reception could increase your EMF exposure by 10,000x? If you only see one bar or two on your phone screen wait until you get a better signal to make a call because your device actually emits high levels of EMF as it tries to compensate to connect with a cell tower. Similarly, don't use it on a bus or train, as your phone shoots power to the maximum level by constantly trying to connect to a new antenna.

Don't use a wireless charger

Stick with a plugged-in charger or USB charger to charge your phone. Wireless cell phone chargers will increase EMFs in your home even when they're not in use, and are actually not good with energy-efficiency either.

Use anti-EMF air tube earphones

Air tube earphones are highly popular today and are basically anti-radiation earphones that deliver sound via hollow air tubes rather than standard wires, virtually eliminating EMF radiation to the head.

A lot of people use wireless earphones but since these are connected through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth the effect of EMF radiation on the head can be incredibly high. Although wired earphones emit less EMF than wireless, the wires connect all the way to the earpieces so you'll still be exposed to radiation.

Air tube earphones have a built-in hollow tube that replaces a section of the wire and carries the sound to your ears. This way the magnetic fields emitted by the speaker are moved away from the head and all RF signals are blocked at the hollow air tube and do not reach the ears. The result is 99%  protection from EMF radiation, along with crisp, and clear sound delivery.

Just like any other earphones, air tube earbuds can also be connected to your laptop, mobile phone, tablet and any other device that has a 3.5 mm outlet. They are an excellent alternative than using speakerphone — great for listening to music, meetings, and more.

Order your Atmosure Anti-Radiation Air Tube Earphones for 99% EMF Reduction and get the protection you deserve!

Be cautious of radiation shields

There are shielding products available in the market such as cell phone shielding cases that claim to block out 99% of Radio Frequency (RF) radiation.

But do they really work?

According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), there is no science-backed proof that these shields actually reduce EMF exposure. In fact, on the contrary, the EMF around the area shielded is still emitting EMF radiation and using a shield may actually "interfere with the phone's signal, cause it to draw even more power to communicate with the base station, and possibly emit more radiation." So, as your phone works harder to get a signal, it's actually emitting more RF-energy.

Studies show that "metallic patches or “chips” or minerals claimed by sellers to be protective, do not seem to make sense and might even be risky," and that using other avoidance strategies such as using speakerphone, waiting for a good signal, using Anti-EMF Earphones, or putting your phone in Airplane mode when not in use is much safer than shielding.

Key Takeaways

  • EMFs or electromagnetic fields are linked to chronic diseases and are classified as carcinogenic
  • Damaging artificial EMFs come from electric fields, magnetic fields, RF (radio) frequencies, and dirty electricity
  • EMF sensitivity is very real and can cause skin irritations, eye symptoms, body pain, and nervous system disturbances
  • Be aware of EMF dangers around your home in the form of power lines, cell phone towers, and smart meters
  • In-home EMF dangers include "smart" appliances, and high-EMF emitting devices such as your hairdryer, cordless phone, and microwave
  • Turn off Wi-Fi when not in use, switch to a hard-wired connection and remember to put your phone in Airplane mode when not in use or on your body
  • Use faraday fabric for 99% EMF Protection from RF, EMI, & RFID Shielding
  • Use anti-EMF air tube earphones to prevent EMF to the head

What are you doing to protect against EMF dangers?

What were the top three points from our list you're ready to incorporate in your life to reduce your EMF exposure?

Please share in the comments below!

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Thanks for the good info. I’ve turned on the airplane mode and ordering the hollow tube type of ear gear. Also have purchased some of the gold paper (?) for lap top use of computer. Hope to do more in time. So important for people to know about. Good for your Atmosure store, great idea. Thank you

Rain calendar_today

Thank you for good quality information on EMFs and health safety. I developed a very serious EMF sensitivity and am trying my best to heal. So, all of this is very helpful. I’ve purchased some products from you, and they’ve been excellent. I’d love to see more information on how best to set up a low EMF computer station, using a laptop, and also using an external monitor. Also, info on units that clean up dirty electricity. Are they effective, and which brands are best? Also, EMF shielding clothing and or fabrics? What works, what doesn’t? Lastly, I missed the video on earthing is that available somewhere? Thanks!

Yuli calendar_today

Irene – You would want to choose a “dumb” TV vs. a “smart” TV to make sure it doesn’t emit wireless frequencies because lots of TV’es today are also wireless. And if the TV has some WiFi/Bluetooth, simply making sure you can disable it. Besides that, distance if your friend, and making sure you have a healthy distance between yourself and the TV will be key.

Lori – They are still not as advisable as they can support the suppression of melatonin and blue-light is not good for you if you can avoid it, especially in the evenings which is the time we use light.

Irene calendar_today

I need help. What do u do about watching tv
Can I get a flat screen. If so what brand and how do I protect myself

Lori Alberts calendar_today

You tell people to use incandescent light bulbs over CFL bulbs to limit EMF but fail to mention LED light bulbs which are safer and burn a lot less energy

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