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How to Use Shungite for EMF Protection Revealed!

How to Use Shungite for EMF Protection Revealed!

In today’s technology-driven landscape, it’s virtually impossible to escape being exposed to EMF or electromagnetic radiation.

As more people discover the dangers of EMF, they look for ways to limit exposure, often without wanting to give up the conveniences of modern technology — and one way to do this is to use shungite.

So, what is this miracle stone? And, how can you use shungite for EMF protection?

In this post, we’ll reveal what shungite is, shungite EMF benefits, and how to use shungite for EMF protection in your day to day life.

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What is Shungite?

What's all the hype around shungite stone? Shungite is a rare black stone sourced from Karelia, Russia and is composed of up to 99% carbon.

The stone boasts a unique structure. It is composed of almost all the minerals on the periodic table, and contains what are known as fullerenes — spherical, hollow 3D molecules made up of 60 carbon atoms.

Buckminsterfullerene animated

Scientists are unsure of its origins, but the stone is thought to be billions of years old, before organic life even existed on earth.

Theories suggest that it may have come from a meteorite that hit the planet, or microorganisms in the water in the region, or the formation of organic matter in rocks that transformed over time.

Although its origins remain a mystery, one thing scientists agree on are its potential benefits due to the fullerene content present in the stone.

Shungite EMF Protection Research

Does shungite really work for EMF?

Shungite is known to be a natural water purifier and has been used in Russia to purify water since ancient times. It is also known to reduce oxidative stress, kill bacteria and shield against EMF emissions. Read more in our detailed post titled, 7 Amazing Shungite Water Benefits.

Many different studies have vouched for Shungite’s powerful and protective benefits.

As per research done on the antioxidant properties of shungite in a Russian study, shungite is 30 times more effective in removing free radicals from water than activated carbon.

The study showed that shungite began to “purify water with a high and constant speed,” and considerably absorbed heavy metals, chemicals and other pollutants.

A 2003 animal study demonstrated the stone’s ability to decrease the “severity of damage produced by high-frequency electromagnetic radiation” in shungite-shielded Wistar rats.

Another study showed that the carbon content in shungite can help extract “radioactive elements from water,” and that shungite was “highly efficient at absorbing radioactive metal cations, including cesium and strontium.”

Due to its unique structure, Shungite has the unique ability to absorb harmful substances from the environment, making it an effective purifier, bactericide, and protective EMF shield.

Shungite for Geopathic Stress

We’re constantly surrounded by harmful frequencies that can throw us physically out of equilibrium.

Geopathic stress is a term used for energies in the Earth potentially affecting the body's subtle energy system and affecting our health and well-being.

It refers to the Earth’s natural energetic vibrations being disrupted by what’s going on underground and features such as geological faults, underground deposits, utility lines, pipes, sewers, tunnels and more.

Studies have shown that geopathic stress may lower a person’s resilience to fight illnesses and disease. Some say that these vibrations cause your body to vibrate at a higher frequency, causing immune and health disruptions.

For example, if your bedroom is over an underground utility line, your body can unconsciously sense this and tries to balance and neutralize these vibrations which can affect sleep, well-being and general body healing.

So, where does shungite come in? Shungite exhibits its own natural geomagnetic properties which can help neutralize the effects of EMFs and geopathic stress, thereby restoring equilibrium to our bodies, and reducing the risk of imbalances that may cause disease.

Why Use Shungite for EMF Protection?

Unlike other forms of carbon such as graphite or diamond which have stable structures that render them as non-reactive, shungite is more fluid due to the presence of fullerenes or hollow carbon molecules.

There’s virtually no other mineral on the planet that contains fullerenes, which not only help to absorb and neutralize negative energies, but also create a shield or force field providing a certain level of EMF protection which helps to absorb radiation, and protect the body from its harmful effects.

How to Use Shungite for EMF Protection

Shungite can be used to protect against the EMF emitted from smartphones, laptops, tablets, routers, and other types of EMF sources.

The powerful mineral can be used in many different ways, including:

Shungite water — Place a clean shungite stone in a glass of water overnight and drink the mineral-rich purified water in the morning.

Shungite pyramid — The shape of the pyramid allows it to attract, absorb and neutralize EMF radiation coming from multiple directions. Great to place in the corners of your room to form a protective shield.

Shungite objects — Shungite also comes in many other different shapes. A simple cube is perfect for placing on your office desk or nightstand, and a sphere is great to meditate with. You can even place shungite objects in your bath as part of a digital detox, which will help strip EMF from your body’s energy field.

Shungite sticker — Shungite is great for wireless radiation protection as it absorbs EMF without interfering with cellular signals.

Place Shungite Cell Phone Stickers at the back of your smartphone, tablet or laptop to efficiently absorb negative ions, and neutralize electromagnetic fields (EMF), electromagnetic interference (EMI), and radiofrequency (RF) signals emitted from your devices.

Shungite jewelry — Why not look stylish and protect at the same time? Wearing shungite jewelry is a great way to enjoy a constant level of protection at all times.

How do you use shungite for EMF protection? Let us know in the comments below!

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