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Do Wireless Routers Give Off Radiation?

Do Wireless Routers Give Off Radiation?

Whether you work from home right now, or not, you probably still use a wireless router or WiFi to connect to the Internet.

What you may not know is that since your wireless router connects to your laptop, smartphone, tablet, smart home appliances, game consoles…and more — it becomes one of the major culprits of electro-pollution or electrosmog in your home.

So, do wireless routers give off radiation?

Yes, they most certainly do, and we’ll look into how they can potentially cause long-term harm to your health and well-being.

Do Wireless Routers Give Off Radiation?

All devices that use WiFi, emit radio frequencies (RFs), which fall under what is known as microwave radiation. Microwave radiation, yes you guessed it, is the type of radiation your microwave oven uses to heat and cook food.

Your WiFi router is built using transmitters, which use microwave radiation to transmit data through the air, to all of your WiFi-enabled devices. This means there is always radiation floating in your surroundings when your wireless router is on and transmitting.

And, while these microwave frequencies floating all around us can’t be seen by the naked eye, they can still disrupt our bodies' own natural frequencies, affecting our tissues, cells, right up to our very DNA — and long-term daily WiFi use, year after year, can potentially pose serious risks to our health.

Is WiFi really dangerous?

Thousands of studies have shown that WiFi exposure can cause "oxidative stress, sperm/testicular damage, neuropsychiatric effects including EEG changes, apoptosis, cellular DNA damage, endocrine changes, and calcium overload."

WiFi radiation can affect everything from how well you sleep, to your fertility, your brain health, and potential cancer and DNA damage risk.

For example, a study in Hong Kong revealed that exposure to WiFi "lowers fertility rates" and kills sperm.

Another study unveiled that, "RF EMF exposure prior to sleep alters brain activity," and adversely affects cognitive performance.

What’s more alarming is that WiFi can actually cross the protective blood-brain barrier, which can alter brain activity, potentially leading to inflammation and disease.

So, now that we know that wireless routers give off radiation, and that long-term WiFi exposure can be harmful to our health, what can we do about it?

How to Protect from Wireless Router Radiation

You might think that simply disabling the wireless option on your router might be enough to stop it from emitting radiation — but as the video below demonstrates, it is not!

So, how do you protect from WiFi radiation?
Well, the best way to protect from wireless router radiation while still having access to the Internet, is to hardwire your internet connection.

Fortunately, we have a detailed blog post to show you how that’s done! Is WiFi Safe? Why Switch to a Wired Internet Connection (With Step by Step Instructions).

If you’re traveling or can’t hardwire your internet, we suggest you simply cover the WiFi router with some Faraday Fabric (here's the one we recommend), and this will essentially block out any EMF your router is emitting, and protect you and your family from WiFi EMF exposure.

You can then use a simple Ethernet adapter to connect your laptop or phone to the Internet and enjoy a low-EMF Internet connection!

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