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Are Apple AirPods Safe? See What Our Apple AirPods Radiation Test Reveals

Are Apple AirPods Safe? See What Our Apple AirPods Radiation Test Reveals

Apple AirPods have taken the world by storm and have become a viral sensation. You literally see them everywhere.

According to Fortune, in 2019 alone, Apple is expected to have sold 50 million AirPods translating to close to $8 billion in revenue, and sales are expected to grow 50% annually.

On the outside, AirPods look sleek, compact, and befitting for busy gym-goers, travelers, runners, audiophiles, students, and remote workers. But on the inside, are they causing harm to your health?

In other words, are Apple Airpods safe, and should you be using them?

In this post, we’ll discuss how Apple Airpods really work, and perform our own Apple Airpods radiation test, to see if they are safe for everyday use. 

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What are Apple AirPods and How do They Work?

Most people know what AirPods are, but to really understand why Apple AirPods may be harmful you need to understand all of the components that go into making them work.

As stated on Wikipedia, “AirPods are wireless Bluetooth earbuds created by Apple…In addition to playing audio, AirPods feature a built-in microphone that filters out background noise, which allows phone calls and talking to Apple's digital assistant, Siri.”

There are certain words from the excerpt above that pop out immediately as red flags...

  • Wireless
  • Bluetooth
  • Earbuds
  • Built-in microphone
  • Phone calls

Let’s take a closer look at some of the above in detail, to understand if Apple AirPods are safe or not.

Are Apple AirPods Safe?

To answer this question, we'll need to take a look at EMF or electromagnetic radiation. EMF is a type of electric and magnetic energy emitted from wireless technologies and devices.

It is created by any device that has wireless or Bluetooth connectivity or is connected to a cell phone tower.

AirPods are by far one of the most connected devices you can put in your ear, as they connect via Bluetooth, cellular, and WiFi.

Although many argue that the risks of using these devices are overblown, there is an immense amount of research proving that EMF emissions from these devices have proven health risks, especially as they are worn in such close proximity to the body.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer has determined that electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are “possibly carcinogenic” to humans.

Leading experts and scientists recognize these dangers, and a recent article quoted a petition signed by 250+ scientists from 40+ countries worldwide and called on the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations (UN) to reinforce its guidelines on wireless safety.

The petition expressed "a ‘serious concern’ about the non-ionizing electromagnetic field (EMF), which is the kind of radiation emitted by wireless devices, including Bluetooth technologies."

So, let’s take a closer look at Apple AirPods radiation, and what you may be unknowingly exposing yourself to when you put on a pair of Apple AirPods.

Understanding Apple AirPods Radiation

Apple AirPods have been in the limelight for their growing popularity but also for emitting dangerous amounts of EMF, especially as they are worn right next to the brain.

Jerry Phillips, professor of biochemistry at the University of Colorado, states that “my concern for AirPods is that their placement in the ear canal exposes tissues in the head to relatively high levels of radio-frequency radiation.” 

Wireless or RF (radio frequencies) are a type of EMF radiation emitted by Wi-Fi, satellite radio, cordless phones, your microwave oven, and yes — wireless and Bluetooth headphones, like the AirPods.

When you put on a pair of AirPods, you expose yourself to WiFi, Bluetooth, and Cellular radiation.

WiFi Exposure

Recent research titled, Wi-Fi is an important threat to human health, suggests that the biggest culprits are "pulses" or "quick bursts of electromagnetic energy that help wireless devices communicate."

Apple spokesperson Alex Kirschner, "confirmed that the AirPods, like other Bluetooth headsets, will constantly transmit signals while they are in your ears."

This should definitely be a red flag for wireless and Bluetooth headphone users, especially those who are plugged in all the time.

So, every time your AirPods are transmitting or receiving data they are literally "pulsing" packets of radiation right next to your most important and sensitive organ, your brain.

When you wear wireless earphones such as Apple's AirPods, it's like having tiny Wi-Fi routers plugged into your ears for hours on end. They actually run on the exact same frequency that your microwave uses to cook food!

Although Apple says that they comply with standard safety guidelines, there is mounting research to show that cell phone radiation and radio waves can lead to neurological conditions such as ADHD and early dementia, adversely affect fertility, damage DNA, and even cause cancer.

Bluetooth Exposure

AirPods also connect via Bluetooth, a type of RF (between 2.4 to 2.485 GHz) that facilitates the instant transmission of audio, video, data, or text over short distances.

The key to note here is short distance — what this means is there is hardly any distance between the source of radiation (AirPods) and the wearer.

In our posts, we frequently mention the inverse square law of physics which states that when the distance from a radiation source is doubled, the exposure level to the radiation is reduced to a quarter.

This makes distance our number one friend when it comes to EMF protection.

And this is why, we can never recommend using Bluetooth headphones such as Apple AirPods, as they are literally designed to be placed in the head for hours on end (even when they aren’t being used!) and are a potentially risky way to have long meetings, listen to music, watch movies or make phone calls.

But there’s something that makes Apple AirPods even more dangerous than other Bluetooth headphones…

Unlike most Bluetooth headphones Apple AirPods are true wireless, meaning that they don't have any wires, not even between each earpiece.

So while in most wireless earbuds the Bluetooth transmitter is placed at the nape of the neck (further away from your brain), in the AirPods, the transmitter is in the earpiece itself, which fits snugly in the ear canal, right next to your brain.

This makes them A LOT more harmful, and as research suggests the effects of this continuous long-term radiation can potentially lead to “chronic fatigue, autism, increases in allergies and multiple chemical sensitivities, early dementia, DNA damage, loss of fertility and cancer.”

Cellular Exposure

A groundbreaking study demonstrated that just 50 minutes of holding a wirelessly connected cell phone next to the head (and brain) increases the rate of glucose metabolism, altering the brain's electrical activity, and potentially leading to inflammation and disease.

This study proved that even at low levels, EMFs can affect the body's biochemistry.

Source: Environmental Health Trust

When you make and receive calls using AirPods, you are literally being bombarded by RF frequencies from cell phone towers that are wirelessly communicating and transmitting from the device plugged into your head.

Professor Phillips emphasizes, “What bothers me the most about AirPods is it’s taking cell phones one step deeper into the head. It’s a significant amount of power being delivered even closer to the brain. It just doesn’t make sense.”

Apple AirPods Radiation Testing

Up until now, we’ve only talked about the potentially harmful effects of Apple Airpods radiation, but to really know if Apple AirPods are safe or not, we put them to the test using our trusted EMF meter.

Watch the video below to see what we discovered:

Alternatives to Apple AirPods

Convinced that your Apple AirPods are not safe to use?

Sure, it might be hard to let go of the convenience of using your AirPods, but trust us it’s worth it when it comes to your health and well-being, and safer ways and alternatives do exist!

Wired Headphones

If you have to choose between wired and wireless, we’d go with wired any day. Reason being that although there is an electrical signal that runs up the wire when you connect wired headphones to your phone or laptop, the signal is considered to be ELF or Extremely Low-Frequency Radiation.

In other words, it’s a lot less intense than a wireless Bluetooth frequency that travels through the air.

Although wired is definitely better, there is research to show that even ELF radiation can have negative effects with long-term use. Therefore, to eliminate up to 99% of radiation we recommend using air tube earphones.

Airtube Earphones

Airtube earphones deliver audio through hollow “air tubes” instead of standard wiring. How they work is that speakers convert electrical signals to acoustic (sound) signals, before the electrical signals reach your ears.

To learn more read our post: Are Wireless Headphones Safe? (And Why Use an Air Tube Headset)

So, only the acoustic signal is transmitted through the air tubes and to your earbuds (which are free from the speaker and transmitter), virtually eliminating 99% of EMF radiation to the head and brain.

Atmosure's Anti-Radiation Air Tube Earphones provide:

  • Up to 99% EMF protection for your brain
  • Extra anti-EMF features such as no loudspeaker and magnets in the earbud, dual sonic concentrator, and shielded wire that other air tube earphones may not offer
  • Adjustable earbuds
  • Exceptional crystal-clear stereo sound - great for calls and music listening!
  • One-Touch Call Control for answering and ending calls
  • Compatible will all devices with a headphone jack
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee! 

Order your pair of Anti-Radiation Air Tube Earphones for 99% EMF Reduction now!

Key Takeaways

  • Apple AirPods are growing in popularity but are they really safe to wear?
  • Wireless and Bluetooth devices have been proven to emit dangerous amounts of EMF, and are especially harmful as they are worn in such close proximity to the brain.
  • AirPods are by far one of the most connected devices you can put in your ear, as they connect via Bluetooth, cellular, and WiFi.
  • Cellphone and RF radiation have been linked to neurological conditions, DNA damage, loss of fertility, and even cancer.
  • A better alternative to Apple AirPods are wired headphones or air tube earphones, that can help block 99% of EMF radiation to the head.

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