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Faraday Cage: An Introductory Guide to EMF Protection With A Faraday Cage

Faraday Cage: An Introductory Guide to EMF Protection With A Faraday Cage

The Faraday Cage has been around for almost 200 years and has attested to being a valuable invention that is used regularly in society today. Take a look at your microwave for example!

Using a Faraday Cage for EMF protection against everyday electronics is something you may not have even considered needing. Nowadays, with nearly everything in our world being run by technology, it’s easy to not even question what is going on behind the scenes to make it all work. When the reality is we are almost constantly exposed to the emitting radiation and signals being bounced around.

That’s when a faraday cage can help us. By using this tool, we can reduce the amount of time exposed to EMF in our home environments. Thankfully the Faraday Cage is not a hard concept to understand, you can even DIY your own!

In this article, allow us to introduce to you the importance of EMF protection and the role of the Faraday Cage. Lastly, we’ll fill you in on how easy it is to get started and expand your Faraday Cage EMF protection.

What Is a Faraday Cage?

The Faraday Cage is exactly as it sounds, a cage. However, this cage is to protect our health. Designed with the purpose of blocking out electric and magnetic fields (EMF), the Faraday Cage becomes a shield for us in this technology driven world.

This enclosure will prevent EMF across the spectrum from entering or leaving the space it is confined to in the cage, depending on your intended use. Cages are constructed of material that can efficiently conduct electricity, and ultimately stop EMF radiation from passing through. 

Your faraday cage can be purchased online ready-to-build, or depending on your needs, a DIY solution with some household items is also a viable solution. We’ll discuss these options more later in this article.

Why Use a Faraday Cage?

A Faraday Cage can protect from the constant EMF that is in our environment.

EMF is the radiation that comes off of flowing energy, from both powered and “off” electronics. The energy from the sun’s rays is a perfect everyday example of EMF. But, this is not the EMF we are worried about. When we add all the EMF emitting from the electricity powering the world, there is an excess that can be harmful to our bodies. From our household appliances, to cellphones and laptops. Even much of our hospital’s equipment gives off EMF. Our world is full of it!

There is even speculation about the safety of the roll out of 5G towers which is replacing 4G & LTE. These new towers will be running at an extremely high radio frequency all around the world. Read more about 5G and what it means for our health in our guide.

But what about EMF is dangerous? We’re going to explain why you would want EMF protection, and some examples of how faraday cages are already used in everyday life to create an understanding of how we can take the application further.

EMF Protection

For most seeking EMF protection, it is out of caution for the longevity of their health. Unfortunately for some, they already feel a physical awareness that they have a higher sensitivity to the exposure.

Science knows that exposure to a high level of EMF is harmful to our bodies, but claim that as-is a low level would not be. However, long term exposure to these regular levels of EMF are starting to show as a cause to health problems coming up later in life, manifesting in the form of illness and even cancer. This would happen because EMF has the ability to damage and even alter our cells and in some cases even our DNA.

As mentioned before, there is a lot of electricity flowing around us, constantly exposing us to EMF. On the surface, it may not seem like we are in harm's way, it’s not like we are sitting in front of an X-ray machine. However, the constant daily exposure is going to add up.

There are already people who are physically experiencing the damage of EMF. Causing them to endure aches, pains and even illness that otherwise would have no reason for existing. Not until they have tried EMF protection like a Faraday Cage, did they find their answer.

Everyday Examples of Faraday Cage Use

Although scientists insist most EMF exposure to be safe, there are a few instances that faraday cages and similar technology have worked their way into everyday situations. Such as the microwave, which uses high radiation to contain heat within, but does not allow it to escape, as that would be too powerful and harmful for our bodies

In hospitals, you could say MRI scanners and X-Ray rooms are a form of faraday cage. These machines and rooms are designed to create the least amount of radiation exposure to the least amount of people.

History of Faraday

The Faraday Cage was invented by the man Michael Faraday in the 19th century, hence the given name to this invention. His work was inspired by some earlier work from Benjamin Franklin. Particularly, a case where Franklin tested shocking a cork in a metal can.

Mr. Faraday built his first Faraday Cage by creating a large box within the space of a room, out of wire mesh. He then proceeded to rush the room with a constant flow of electricity. Faraday was able to stay in his cage comfortably with no harm for nearly two days before finishing the experiment.

Only the material constructing the cage conducted the flow of electricity. There was no reading or signs of electricity anywhere else within the room inside the cage. As a result, he was able to conclude that the flow of electricity is dissimilar to liquid running through a pipe. This would later help finalize how electricity flows towards the positive charge through a wire.

Michael Faraday’s invention continues on today with many uses from our hospitals to our homes. I think he would be astonished that his work today is being used to help protect the health of many in a truly electrical world.

Ways To Use a Faraday Cage

There are two main ways you can go about using a Faraday Cage. Either you are going to surround yourself, or you are going to surround an item. Here’s how:

Faraday Cage For Yourself

By building a cage around yourself, you can keep EMF away coming from the multiple electrical appliances and devices in your surroundings. However, this method can be a little impractical. Building a cage around yourself like Michael Faraday did would become limiting to your accessible spaces and activity while protecting yourself. This option may be ideal if you would like to dedicate a portion of your day to being entirely EMF free.

Faraday Cage For Electronics

Alternatively, you can put items in a Faraday Cage and it will work on the same premises: EMF will not be able to pass through the cage. For example with this route you could place your phone inside a small Faraday Cage and it will prevent the EMF emitting from your phone from entering your environment. Using a Faraday Cage this way may work if you are in a room with only a few items such as your cell phone or a laptop and want to take a break from the exposure. This is a good idea if you sleep with these items in your bedroom.

Building a DIY Faraday Cage

Building a Faraday Cage can be fairly simple if you need it for small tasks, and almost any Faraday Cage can be built entirely with household items. From small scale to large, here are a few ideas for your DIY Faraday Cage.

Phone Cage

For a quick and easy cell phone Faraday Cage you only need your phone and two items from your kitchen!

Supplies Needed: 
  • Plastic Bag (Sandwich bag with sealing zipper)
  • Aluminum Foil
    How To:
    1. Place your cell phone in the plastic bag and seal it closed
    2. Use the aluminum foil to evenly wrap the bag holding your cell phone.
    3. Make sure there are no holes or open areas. The aluminum foil must be sealed all around to ensure 100% effectiveness.

      Original Mesh Wire Faraday Cage

      For a classic and multi-purpose faraday cage, go with the classic design like Michael Faraday. Using wire mesh from your hardware store you can create any size Faraday Cage for your needs.

      Supplies Needed:
      • Tightly woven wire mesh
      • Wooden strips cut to meet your dimensions
      • Light duty stapler ( strong enough to pierce your wood)
        How To:
        1. Determine the dimensions of your box
        2. Lay out the wire mesh and place the wood strips along the mesh for each corner or fold of your box
        3. Staple the wood into place
        4. Fold the wire mesh at the wood strips to create your box shape

          Check Out This Youtube video to see how it’s done!

          Other DIY Faraday Cages

          If you’re looking to store a lot of items, perhaps tools and other electronics that are not regularly in use, you can turn some storage spaces in your house into effective faraday cages. Filing cabinets and large metal tool cabinets are easily converted into faraday cages with proper conductive lining and even connection.

          If this is all too much, simply buy a faraday cage online and assemble at home! Nothing wrong with ensuring it is of high quality and done right.

          Alternatives To Faraday Cage

          Although effective, the Faraday Cage is not always practical. Use either restricts your body’s mobility (to the confines of the room the cage has been built), or restricts your access to bringing devices and tools with you on the go. This can be annoying if you want to bring your electronics with you simply for emergency situations.

          Luckily, there are a few ways to reduce your EMF exposure throughout the entire day that are easy to take with you on the go.

          Faraday Fabric

          Faraday fabric is the result of combining the concept of the faraday cage with fabric. You then have flexible and mobile EMF protection at any time throughout the day.

          This fabric can be extremely versatile. Use it to make covers for cell phones, tablets, and laptops. Use it as a protective layer by placing it directly over your lap while using your electronics. Or take it further and use it to line some of your everyday clothing items such as hats or jackets. Wearing the faraday fabric will protect those experiencing a heightened sensitivity to EMF or someone looking for all day reassurance as they navigate their day.

          Anti-Radiation Headphones

          Many of us have headphones in for a portion of our day either at the gym, on transit, or when out for a walk. This is a great opportunity to make a swap for your health. Even your headphones have electronic pieces and magnets creating and emitting radiation. With these anti-radiation headphones, you can feel safe about your choice - maybe you’ll opt to listen to that second podcast episode!

          These headphones have a few tweaks that make them free of EMF that can potentially reach your head. For starters there are no magnets in the speakers that could amplify the electromagnetic fields. They also feature technology that allows the amount of wires to be used reduced and kept away from your head. Lastly, you can feel confidently secure knowing that every piece is constructed of an EMF shielding material.


          As there is no practical way for us to measure and keep track of how much EMF radiation we are exposed to in a day we need a tested and proven solution. Faraday cages will provide an easy and reliable option for EMF protection. With their versatility in design, there is an option for nearly every electronic and situation.

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