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Atmosure Shielded CAT 7 Ethernet Cable for Anti-EMF Protection

Atmosure Shielded CAT 7 Ethernet Cable for Anti-EMF Protection

Atmosure Shielded CAT 7 Ethernet Cable for Anti-EMF Protection

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Enhanced EMF Protection

Looking for anti-radiation products designed to keep you and your family better shielded against EMFs? Worried about the dangers of being constantly exposed
to WiFi? We do too; that’s why we created the Atmosure shielded CAT7 ethernet cable. It doesn’t simply swap WiFi for a wired connection like regular ethernet
cables do, each twisted pair of wires inside is also individually shielded with Aluminum Mylar foil. The result? Significant protection against Electromagnetic
Radiation and Electromagnetic Interference as you work, game, surf the internet, or stream your favorite shows on your smart TV.

Faster Transfer Speeds

Get the most out of your internet connection with the impressive performance of a genuine CAT7 ethernet cable. While CAT5e and CAT6 cables max out at
100MHZ and 250MHZ respectively, CAT 7 allows for up to 600MHZ and 10Gbps connections for super-smooth performance. Whether you want to
improve the network or internet speeds at work or home, this shielded category 7 cable gives you access to future-proofed seamlessness.

Here’s why you’ll love this EMF-blocking CAT 7 cable:

✔Shields against EMR, EMI, RFI, and EFI for better wellbeing.

✔The shielding reduces crosstalk noise over the cable.

✔Available in assorted lengths to suit any residential or commercial need.

✔Has a much longer lifespan compared to older generation cables.

✔Supports speeds of up to 600mhz AND 10Gbps transfer rates.

✔Features shielded and gold-plated 50-micron RJ45 connectors and contact pins.

✔Compatible with CAT5, CAT5e, CAT6, and CAT6a applications

✔Compatible with 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 1000BASE-T, and 10GBASE-T.

✔Works with all proposed CAT 7 requirements as per international standards.

Get your shielded ethernet cable today and receive a bonus EMF blocking

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