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What is Faraday Fabric?

What is Faraday Fabric?

Faraday fabric is a flexible fabric made out of conductive metallic mesh. Its function is to block electrical charges or electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) from entering or escaping whatever is enclosed within it.

Used by law enforcement agencies and the military to block signals from Wi-Fi routers, cellular phones, Bluetooth connections, GPS, RFID, and more, this highly-effective shielding material helps protect against data theft and enhances digital privacy.

Today, with the sheer number of devices emitting EMF radiation, faraday fabrics have found another critical application — blocking harmful radiation from your wireless gadgets and helping to lower your EMF exposure.

How Faraday Fabric Works

To understand how faraday fabric blocks radiation, we need to take a look at how a Faraday cage works.

Named after Michael Faraday, who invented the electronic isolation chamber in 1836, a faraday cage is a metallic container made from a conducting material such as metallic plates or a metallic wire mesh that shields whatever is in it from external electromagnetic fields.

The way it works is that the electric fields or radiation are distributed around the cage’s exterior, cancelling out charges and the field’s effects on the cage’s interior. So, the cage acts as a protective shield, blocking charges on the surface, and preventing them from entering the interior.

But, that’s not all.

The same way a faraday cage prevents outside radiation from penetrating inside the cage, it can also do the exact oppositeprevent electromagnetic radiation from components placed inside the cage to escape outside.

This two-way protection makes it incredibly useful in many types of real-life applications, such as being used in the metal shell of your microwave, shielded TV cables, suits worn by electricians while working on high voltage power lines, MRI scan rooms — and protecting you from EMF-emitting wireless devices.

Why Use Faraday Fabric

Sure, you can use a faraday cage, but carrying a solid metallic structure to protect you from your phone’s wireless signals can get difficult!

Faraday fabric infuses ordinary cotton or polyester material with thin strands of copper, silver or nickel creating a powerful mesh that "attenuates," or reduces the intensity of radiation emitted from devices such as the mobile phone in your pocket, the WiFi router in your home office, and the smart meter outside your bedroom window.

How to Use Faraday Fabric

Just like any other fabric, faraday fabric can easily be cut and sewn to totally isolate devices from incoming or outgoing signals.

It’s great to use for pillow covers, to cover walls to protect against electrosmog from the neighbors, and perfect for creating bags and covers to enclose wireless devices and home appliances such as your smartphone, laptop, tablet, Wi-Fi router or smart meter. You can also use it to shield signals from your car keys and credit cards.

Best of all, faraday fabric is durable and washable!

Why Atmosure Faraday Fabric

Our military-grade Atmosure Faraday Fabric for EMF Protection (1 Yard) uses a metallic copper and nickel composition, integrated with polyester fiber materials that efficiently block wireless radiation such as:

  • Electromagnetic fields (EMF)
  • Electromagnetic interference (EMI)
  • Radiofrequency (RF) signals

Highly durable, corrosion-resistant and long-lasting, Atmosure’s faraday fabric is a great companion to have on hand, as a daily radiation blocker wherever you go.

Comes with an actionable 5G safety guide and a FREE anti-radiation sticker!

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